Initial Visit: $150
Follow Up Visit: $125
The first sessions: Each sessions lasts roughly 60-75 minutes. The first session begins with an functional evaluation followed by manual therapy based on the clinicians findings, this will last 30 minutes. The next 30 minutes are spent with the corrective exercise specialist going through exercises to correct any imbalances or motor control issues found by the clinician during the evaluation.
The follow up sessions: Follow up sessions are structured based on your needs and will either follow the same structure as your first visit or you will see our active isolated stretching (AIS) specialist who performs a combination of stretching and activation from the AIS model.
Session Structure: Most patients are seen 3-4 times within a 2 week time period and sessions are 2-3 days apart.
Video Assessment: We do offer video sessions that last 30-45 minutes, this includes an evaluation by one of our clinicians as well as exercises you can perform to aid in your recovery. For more information on scheduling and pricing please email
Month To Month: $129
-30 minute initial consult to discuss current lifestyle and goals
-Weekly check-ins to review intake and adjust programming where needed
-Ongoing nutritional literature given where applicable
Monthly Check-In: $69
-Maintenance check-in’s once a month after initial goals have been reached to answer questions, set further goals, and support accountability.
One-Time Consult: $79
-30 minute consultation to discuss current lifestyle
-Tips and information that could be improved upon
Functional Medicine + Nutrition Month To Month: $179 (Your fastest route to seeing results!)
-Lab work and DEXA scan referrals
-30 minute initial consultation to discuss current lifestyle, goals, review lab work, and design a program that considers your bio-individuality (genetics, body composition, and current health deficiencies)
-Weekly check-in’s to review dietary intake, adjust programming where needed and monitor personal health
-Ongoing nutritional literature given where applicable.
-Are you having trouble losing weight or your performance isn’t what is used to be?
-Do you have a “crash” every afternoon and feel like you can’t control your energy levels?
-Do you feel like your performance is suffering?
-Does it feel like no matter how much sleep you get you never feel fully rested?
-Do you feel like you have a nagging achy pain in your body that medicine or therapy doesn’t seem to help?
-Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?
-Do you have skin, digestive, or hormonal issues?

Any or all of these symptoms can often be linked back to adrenal fatigue, malnourishment, or gut dysbiosis. Sometimes even if you’re eating the “right stuff” and do “pretty well”, there could be deficiencies and or imbalances that require you to dig a little deeper than just nutritional changes. This is where Love Performance Medicine thrives. We offer a personalized approach to medicine that relies on the most advanced diagnostic tests to pin point the problem. After we have pinpointed the issue we give you a personalized treatment plan to conquer the issue and return to peak performance.

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