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Too often our attention is plagued by thoughts only on the past and future.

Learn from the past, plan your goals for the future, but focus and be good now in the present, because right now this moment is all you really have.

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2 weeks 6 days ago


I went to see Abby and Mitch to treat my tennis elbow and shoulder pain that I had been experiencing for 3 months. I had just started crossfit classes. I was being hampered by the pain and was making little progress in the classes because of it. The owner referred me to Mitch who told me they had a pretty aggressive rehab strategy but he could have me pain free after about 4 sessions. Dr. Perone’s treatments pinpointed the problem areas, and coupled with Mitch’s rehab and exercises, they had me pain free within 3 weeks and working at my full capacity in the crossfit classes.

Love Health

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