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Yeah you're probably"Fit But Sedentary" and we tell you what that is as well as 3 ways to fix it. Get reading 🙂

Love Health

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Don't miss out on your group fitness running just because of shin splints - runners knee - lower back pain - or plantar fasciitis.

At Love Health we get you back to enjoying your fitness routine with your friends and family.

To set up an appointment …
Call: 800-511-8050

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Love Testimonial @coachbunny

Im 35 years old and own my own CrossFit gym. I have 10+ years of experience training groups and individuals and an extensive background in movement and mobility. While training for a competition, I experienced a minor tear in my Pectoral muscle. I went to Love Health based on a recommendation from a friend and was not disappointed. They gave me prescriptive exercises and an estimated timeline for discharge from their services.. They were caring, knowledgable and professional. I trust them implicitly with my care regarding rehabilitation and movement and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy, or general help with movement or chronic pain associated with training. I trust them so much, I sent my mother to them. Seriously.