You’re Fit But Sedentary

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You’re Fit But Sedentary

So yeah you work out for 30-60 minutes per day which is great. You’ve improved your nutrition, you’re sleeping better, and you’re managing the stress of life well. But guess what? You’re probably still pretty sedentary which can cause some issues.

Let me describe what a typical day for most “Fit But Sedentary” people is like:
-You wake up and make breakfast
-You then sit and drive to work
-Once you get to work you likely sit or stand for the majority of work with little moving around
-After work you then sit again and drive to the gym
-You’re at the gym and you crush it being active for a solid 30-60 minutes, you may even do some mobility after 🙂
-Then you sit and drive home where you cook food and sit down to eat and then you lay down and go to bed

Notice how there is a lot of sitting and or static movement going on. When we encounter the “Fit But Sedentary” person they are usually confused about a few things such as:
-How can my joints hurt I exercise regularly?
-Why does my back feel stiff often I workout?
When you don’t avoid static movement sitting or standing, and regardless of how intense or how many days a week you exercise, problems will eventually arise and the sad part is they can be avoided and here is how.

Step 1: Move often at work, standing desks are great but you shouldn’t stand and not move either. Focus on consistent movement to avoid static positions for long duration. You could set a timer to change how you are working every 15-30 minutes for example.

Step 2: Mobilize before you drive. Any little stretch or mobility work before drives that last from medium to long duration can make a big difference. So if your drive is creeping towards or past that 30 minute mark, you better be mobilizing!

Step 3: Consistency is key, this isn’t a one and done fix. This is an every day habit you want to gain so that you can avoid problems in the future.

Put in the work and you’ll go from “Fit But Sedentary to Fit & Supple”

Article by Mitch Harbaugh

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