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Our clinicians successfully alleviate and fix pain related to most chronic and acute injuries.

Dr. Perone Head Clinician for Love Movement

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    Headaches and Neck Pain

    Headaches can be a source of debilitating pain for many people, affecting their ability to focus, work, or participate in their favorite activities.

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    Conditions causing shoulder pain can range from bursitis, tendinitis, impingement, rotator cuff injury, strains and pulls of muscles within the shoulder or sprains of the shoulder girdle ligaments.

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    Knee Pain

    Knee injuries often comes from dramatic injury, causing sprain/strains to the ligaments and muscles supporting the knee joint. A lot of knee pain may also come from repetitive stress and overuse that can cause pain at the joint, deep within the knee, on the middle or side of the knee, or at the knee cap. This type of pain is often a result of mobility and stability issues from the hip and ankle.

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    Back Pain

    The Types of back pain we treat are Upper back pain, Mid Back Pain, Low Back Pain and SI Joint Pain.

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    Hip Pain

    Hip pain can be caused by a sprain strain of the muscles and ligaments supporting the hip, hip bursitis, or iliotibal band syndrome.

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    Lower Leg/Ankle Pain

    Pain in the lower leg can be caused by a traumatic injury, like an ankle sprain, or a repetitive stress injury leading to shin splints or plantar fasciitis.

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Love Movement
Sports Therapy and Clinics Process

Our approach to pain and movement.

What to expect with Love Movement
Before Your Visit
  1. An excellent end-to-end experience with the Love Movement Team – we answer your questions and begin to learn about the history of your injury before even having you come in-office. Our clinicians will reach out to you before your appointment to ensure we have an understanding of your complaint.
  2. A user-friendly patient portal will house all of your information and allow for easy access to your new patient forms, history form, documents, secure messaging, and access to invoices to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

In Office
  1. 45-60 minutes in office
  2. A focused and detailed evaluation of your injury/pain condition will be followed by a manual therapy,myofascial release treatment, and/or an active isolated stretching treatment with a highly-skilled clinician.
  3. A custom rehabilitation program with a corrective exercise specialist – complete with a custom email with exercise videos and written descriptions
  4.  Kinesiology taping to help support your injury and healing process
Treatment Design and After Care

Treatment plan design with Love Movement is effective, and extremely personalized. Our goal is to see your pain complaint addressed and resolved as quickly as possible. Our clinicians strive to identify the root cause of your injury and give you one-on-one attention until your goals are met. Our Treatment design has proven to help get patients out of pain quickly and give you simple strategies to prevent the pain from returning.

Love Movement is a results & patient-centric clinic specializing in the evaluation and treatment of pain and biomechanic dysfunction.

Whether your pain is from a recent injury or has been a long-term nagging issue, our goal is to find the root-cause of your pain and to resolve it as quickly as possible. Our commitment is to help you achieve your goals from treatment and to return to doing what you love. We always work one-on-one with our patients, performing a detailed evaluation that drives focused and effective myofascial release treatments and a custom-built rehabilitation program.

The combination of rehabilitation, treatment, and specific rehab enable us to identify the problem, make a noticeable change in your condition with therapy, and then maintain the improvement with mobility and stability exercises.

To schedule an appointment, click here to register in our patient portal and to request an appointment. You may also email abbyperone@gmail.com or call 817-239-1137 for more information.

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