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Meet Love Health Patient, George Templeton!

George’s love of fitness began after working for a newspaper for about ten years. He started to feel the effects of desk life, “the only exercise I got was when I walked to the printer or went to get food”. George realized that his sedentary lifestyle wasn’t preparing him to avoid the health risks that were common amongst his family members. He started training at a gym that eventually led him to Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit at Real Fitness Sarasota.

George first came to Love Health about three years ago with wrist pain. He had spent some time trying to work through a bit of discomfort while practicing his Olympic weightlifting but during a competition his wrist completely seized up. That was a turning point for George, “I have never not been able to complete a lift before – that’s when I knew I needed to make an appointment with Dr. Abby Perone at Love Health”.

Dr. Perone is known for her strong hands and the ability to target the ‘problem area’. “She dug her thumb and tool into my wrist, all the way up to my shoulder; I got some exercises to do for my wrist and a bit of Rocktape on my arm”. George did his wrist program for about four weeks, scaled his workouts and got back to his weightlifting. “It worked like an absolute treat; my wrist has not bothered me since”.

George has recently made another visit to Love Health in July 2020 after he took a trip to visit his dad up north. He had been driving for over seven hours, sleeping on a couch, and did some heavy deadlifts that left him feeling a bit strained in his hamstring. Once George got back to Sarasota, Florida, he made an appointment and learned that the pain was actually from an irritated disc in his low back. He went through treatment and rehab protocols and was able to slowly return to fitness over 3 weeks. “I appreciate everyone at Love Health, having the information and being able to return to the exercises whenever I need them is so helpful”, says George.

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