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Meet Love Health patient Kristi Allegra!

Kristi came to Love Health in April 2020 with knee pain that began in June of 2019. She has a history of long distance running, strength and high-intensity training. 

In July 2019 she was diagnosed with a meniscus tear and arthritis in her left knee. Krisiti underwent surgery to repair her meniscus, remove arthritis and repair damaged cartilage. 

Unfortunately, six months after her surgery the pain was back with vengeance. This discomfort was a barrier to her being able to run, jump, lunge and squat.  Kristi was left hopeless and did not know if she’d ever be able to move her body the way that she’d like to – pain free

Sports Medicine doctor working on patient's knee

Krisiti heard about Love Health through the owner of Seaward CrossFit, “I didn’t know doctors like Abby Perone existed” said Kristi.  What makes Dr. Perone different is the process and technique in which she evaluates musculoskeletal injuries, pinpoints the cause of the pain and the movement dysfunction, and how to eliminate the pain. “She explained everything to me in a way that made sense and I fell in love with Dr. Perone’s knowledge”, says Kristi

After her consultation with Love Health, Kristi felt that she had an “aha” moment and knew that she’d have a positive outcome; Dr. Perone would be able to help her.

The plan to move pain free meant that Krisit was a great candidate for Stem Cell Therapy, a non-surgical alternative available at Regenexx Tampa Bay in Sarasota, Florida.This is a non-operative treatment using your body’s own plasma and our bone marrow concentrate to stimulate healing in tissues and joints. Kristi met with Dr. Ron Torrance and his team to discuss the procedure. “It didn’t feel like I was talking to doctors, it was more like a conversation with my friends”. 

Kristi started the process for her stem cell injections in May 2020. The stem cells were taken from her own body. “I’d do it all over again if I had to, Drs. Perone and Torrance are amazing,” Kirsiti explained.  

Almost 4 months out, Kristi is running, jumping, lunging and squatting pain free, “I forget that I ever had pain.”  This is the main priority at Love Health, helping people get out of pain and do the things they love to do, with the people they love.

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