Pillar I: Movement

Movement is magic for your body and mind.

It has incredible benefits- some of which include better circulation, digestion, immunity, and metabolism. Movement helps regulate our hormones, blood sugar, and blood pressure; aids in improving brain health, memory, sleep quality and reduces the risk of chronic disease. Oh, and it can make you happier!
Check out the components of fitness below to get ideas on how you can move more!

Cardiovascular Endurance

How well do you take in and deliver oxygen to your tissues? When we  engage in aerobic activity, we stress the heart, lungs and vessels- making them stronger and more efficient. ACSM recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate activity weekly. Dance, swim, run, bike or walk for 20-30 minutes daily!

Muscular Strength

Muscular strength refers to the amount of force a muscle can produce. ACSM recommends strength training 2-3 times per week, using a variety of exercises and movements. Typically, improving strength means heavier weights with fewer reps. Grab a dumbbell and start protecting your bones and muscle mass.

Muscular Endurance

This refers to your body’s ability to contract against a resistance. We work on muscular endurance when we hold a plank. It is a great way to develop core endurance through sustained contraction of the abs, hips and shoulders. You can train other muscles to have better endurance with lighter weight and higher reps.


Can you move your joints through their proper range of motion? Without adequate flexibility, we can experience increased risk of injury and difficulty performing daily tasks. ACSM recommends stretching 2-3 times per week. Take a yoga class, or grab a mat and stretch during your favorite TV show!

Need some guidance?

At Love Health, we keep you moving well. If you are struggling to move without pain or experience dysfunction in your movement, we would love to help! Check out our Personalized Movement services. We have locations in Tampa, Brandon, St. Pete and Sarasota.

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