Sports Medicine 101: Make Movement More Mindful

Sports Medicine 101: Sit to Stand

Most of us move throughout the day totally unaware of how we move. Do you extend your big toe when you walk or use those powerful glutes to stand? This week, we encourage you to bring awareness around two functional, mundane movements we tend to mindlessly move through- walking and sit to stands.

We want to spend more time connecting mind and body, and these physical movements present the perfect opportunity to practice just that!

Mindful Walking

human walking gait illustration

We recommend practicing barefoot when you can, and avoid wearing overly stiff shoes when you can’t. Shoes should be flexible enough to allow the foot and ankle to move!

Begin with your feet hip distance apart. Imagine you have headlights on your hipbones, knees and big toes and make sure they stay facing straight ahead.

Take a step forward, making sure that your heel strikes first. To do this, you must flex your foot at the ankle.

After your heel hits the ground, roll onto the ball of your foot. As the ball of your foot hits the floor, your toes should be flexed.

Use ALL of your toes. As you roll through the ball of your foot with your step, you want to roll forward onto your toes. All of your toes should come into contact with the ground – in succession – pinky toe through the big toe.

As you continue to walk, the toes should leave the ground in the same order they came in contact with it – pinky toe first, big toe last. When your big toe extends, engage that glute!

Set a timer for 5-10 minutes at home to practice barefoot mindful walking. It’s also great to practice as you meander through the grocery store or on your daily walk in nature!

Mindful Sit to Stand

man using chair for physical therapy sit stand exercise - sitting

man using chair for physical therapy sit stand exercise - standing

We do squats all day, but how well are your doing them?

Use every time you sit and stand as an opportunity to practice mindful movement.

To lower: Think about grounding into the floor with four corners of the feet. The joint of the big toe, little toe, and two points on either side of the heel. Create torque by imagining you are screwing your feet into the ground – this activates the glutes. Hinge at your hips – send the hips back as if you are hovering over a toilet- and then begin to bend the knees the lower to the seat.

To Rise: Repeat connecting the feet to the ground. Squeeze your glutes, hinge forward, and drive into the feet to rise. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed in the feet and the heels stay down.

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