Pillar I: Movement

Movement is magic for your body and mind. It has incredible benefits- some of which include better circulation, digestion, immunity, and metabolism. Movement helps regulate our hormones, blood sugar, and blood pressure; aids in improving brain health, memory, sleep quality and reduces the risk of chronic disease. Oh, and it can make you happier! Check … Read More >


Functional Medicine Foundation: The Four Pillars of Health

What does health mean to you? Within personalized medicine, we believe four strong pillars are necessary to support health and happiness: movement, nutrition, stress management, and community. Building each pillar looks a little different for everyone. Check out each pillar below to help you discover ways to build a strong structure for your health!   … Read More >


Sports Medicine 101: Make Movement More Mindful

Sports Medicine 101: Sit to Stand Most of us move throughout the day totally unaware of how we move. Do you extend your big toe when you walk or use those powerful glutes to stand? This week, we encourage you to bring awareness around two functional, mundane movements we tend to mindlessly move through- walking … Read More >

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